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Aftercare Lotion

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What's All The BUZZ About?

Supporting The "Bee" Movement

Royal Hive Tattoo Company has created an absolutely phenomenal product line specific to the art of tattoo. The products we have created will perfect your ink. Also, each product sale will contribute to the preservation and education required for the organic maintenance of "Bees" and the sustainability of their habitats.

Thanks to the Bees, these products have come to Bee.

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This Premium Aftercare Wash is a mild soap which is an important first step towards maintaining a healthy tattoo. Our Premium Aftercare Wash gently and effectively cleans and protects your new tattoo and surrounding dermis.

Bee cleaned approved

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This lotion is an all over moisturizer and protectant which will maintain the general health of your new ink. An added benefit to using our Premium Aftercare Lotion is its ability to reduce over drying (scabbing) and itch.

You will be contributing to a beautiful natural resource

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Show and Shine Wax brings out the colour and vibrancy of new and older tattoos. Additionally, this product functions as an all over rejuvenator for your art with the added benefit of containing natural UV protectants.

Thanks to the Bees, these products have come to Bee

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Bee Aware Article #1

  Sophie's Say: With all of the terrible issues going on in our world today, there is one issue that really is quite frightening because it can impact our food system in a huge way , very soon.  The issue I am referring to is the plight o...
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The Hang Out

Meeting Jason Clay Dunn (Season 5 Ink Master Winner), and Art Meza (upcoming Cali superstar), was absolutely amazing. The Royal Hive team had the pleasure of picking these 2 artists up at the Ottawa airport for the Ottawa / Gatineau Tattoo Expo. ...
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